what we believe in

We believe your virtual admin support is not just about the admin but also about your well-being and the well-being of your clients.  We believe you can find allied health admin support with heart and soul. We believe kindness and patience goes a long way.  We believe in raising mental health awareness and would love to see a mental health policy in every business!

You’re in caring hands and we have your back!


Our purpose

To make your day at work easier and to help lighten your load!

Our vision

To create a mindful organisation and support you and our staff from a place of authenticity, courage, and compassion to bring you a professional, friendly and efficient service, all the while having mental health awareness at the forefront of our minds to take opportunities to educate, fund raise, and support in any way we can.

Our mission

To create a collaborative healthy working environment for you, your clients and our employees with partnerships built on trust and integrity.

To be realiable by

  • always aiming to do what we say we will do
  • being aware of our limitations and competencies
  • always striving to balance competing priorities to deliver on commitments

To embody authenticity by:

  • trying to let go of what people think
  • being real in the choices we make everyday including choosing to be authentic
  • trying not to sell ourselves out by being anybody else

To practice courage by;

  • holding ourselves accountable, owning our mistakes and apologizing when wrong
  • leaning into and embracing the power of vulnerability – always challenging ourselves with the discomfort this brings

To aim for compassion for others as well as self compassion

To create a space where staff and clients and ask for what is needed without judgment.

To give back to the community by supporting various charities individually, and as a team.

By having our purpose, vision and mission permeate our daily approach to business and life, we are hoping that ultimately, you reap the benefits from the kind of support you receive and the quality of work we can achieve for you.

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